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Forthcoming Projects


"Reflection on Under Construction: Creating Space and Relationships for Media Literacy with Urban Teens" in Power Lines: Connecting with Urban Teens through Media Literacy in Libraries (Jimmeka Anderson and Kelly Czarnecki editors), American Library Association, 2022

At the Library


"Riverdancing with Race" in Dance in Popular Culture, Jen Atkins (editor), Routledge, 2023

Irish Dance Dresses and Ghillies.jpg


"From Emergency Remote Teaching to Lack of ‘Love’", in The Routledge Handbook on Media Education Futures Post Pandemic (Yonty Friesem, Usha Raman, Igor Kanižaj, & Grace Choi, editors) 2023

Image by Sergey Zolkin


"Media Literacy and Social Justice: Connections, Fissures, and the Future" w/ Spencer Brayton in Media Literacy and Social Justice in Action, Belinha De Abreu (editor), Routledge, 2022

Image by Gayatri Malhotra


"Teaching Media and Information Literacy" in Teaching Media, Deanna Sellnow and Michael Strasser (series editors), Cognella, 2023

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