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Helping people
understand, navigate and challenge our media saturated world (one meme at a time)




Natasha Casey is a communication professor, media literacy educator, researcher and speaker. Originally from Ireland, she has studied, taught, and researched media & communication in the UK, US & Canada for over 25 years.

 - Media Education Lab Affiliated Faculty

 - McLuhan Foundation Advisory Committee

 - Youth Be Heard Board Member

 - JMLE Advisory Board


Research interests include media & information literacy, media studies, critical race theory, and American Irish popular culture

Ph.D. Communication Studies

McGill University



Keynotes, presentations, webinars & professional development workshops: Media & Information Literacy: What Is It & Why You Need It; How to Teach Media & Information Literacy; Fake News: Fact & Fiction; Navigating the Internet in the 21st Century, Public Speaking, & More



"Professor Natasha Casey kicked off our inaugural Mini Journalism School program in 2019 with a fascinating presentation on media literacy. She was engaging and the material was both educational and surprising at times! Our staff and attendees enjoyed the presentation so much that we invited Professor Casey back in 2020 for an updated presentation and look forward to a 2021 version. Media literacy is more important than ever right now. Professor Casey’s ability to make it fun to learn about is a bonus!"

- St. Louis Public Radio

"Working with Natasha throughout the course of the Media Literacy Education in Libraries for Adult Audiences project has been fantastic. Her insights, writing, and presentation for the project were invaluable. Our team would work with her again in a heartbeat and the people who attended her webinar absolutely loved her. We’ve gotten so much positive feedback on her presentation from attendees."


“This was such a rich presentation. You've helped me so much with understanding these issues! Thank you! Thank you!”


“Natasha is a hoot - I would take a class from her in a second.  Thanks for having someone so enjoyable and funny present.”

- American Library Association

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